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OBM is known for it's out-of-home installations. Designed large format wallscape media, many of which gained national exposure and recognition. Served as art director/lead designer and primary point of contact on projects for clients such as Nationwide Insurance, City of Columbus, Miller Brewing Co. and Business First.


  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Project Management
  • Photography

Coop's Paint

Coops Paint Ad

This ad was created in partnership with TM Advertising, representing many months of planning, lots of paint, 3 cars, and tons of imagination. This ad went viral immediately and was featured in Communication Arts, won an OBIE Award, made the short list at Cannes Advertising Festival and was a finalist at One Show.

Aerial View
Street View

The result was pretty stunning and easily attracted attention. The picture from the air was from an RC helicopter but this ad could be seen from airliners coming into Columbus.

Original Photoshop Rendering

The original concept/rendering.

Construction Facade
Actual Building

A development company wanted to hide their construction site and represent was was being built. 1:1 scans of an the architect's renderings were printed & attached to a frame supported by telephone poles. The picture on the left was the printed facade, the right is the actual building.

Miller Highlife Ad

Miller wanted an ad that reflected Columbus. The Columbus skyline was created in Photoshop with images of beer foam.

Business First Lobby Entrance.

Business First wanted something that displayed their core values in their lobby. With a shift to more digital media, I wanted this to be a throwback to the traditional print days.

Paper Concept
Actual Building

After our first successful project with Business First they wanted to create an outdoor installation on their building to celebrate their success.


During my time at OBM, there were MANY MANY concepts that were floated by a client that never see the light of day, typically because of funding issues, project scope or business goals. These are some of my favorite concepts that I designed.

Oxy Lenticular Magnet
Oxy Lenticular Magnet
Oxy Lenticular Magnet

A lenticular magnet that would show a zit clearing up after the use of an Oxy cleansing pad.

Columbus Skyline Vector

An illustration of the Columbus skyline for a local client.


A throwback to the old Coor's Light advertising, this featured Columbus in the middle of the what could be the Rocky Mountains.


This was the initial idea for what now is known as the Coop's Paint Ad. I believe this idea was later used in a Nationwide TV commercial.


Another idea for Nationwide's typical placement on the Atlas building in Columbus. A throwback to the old Marbolo Marlboro ads.


A quick rending of a themed Mini Cooper, the concept would be this car would show up, setup a small stir-fry station and distribute samples of their food.


An exploration of what it would be like to have a branded parking garage