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Opportunity Micro Center is a computer parts store chain with 25 stores scattered across the U.S. They are well known in the computer community for having a massive parts selection on hand in their stores. With the recent popularity in E-sports and streaming, PC gaming has become more popular than ever. While prebuilt is a good option, most gamers want to build a custom PC featuring their favorite streamer's components. The level of entry into building a PC can but overwhelming, frustrating, and costly if the appropriate parts are not initially purchased. It requires lots of research to make sure all the components of a build are compatible.

Approach Micro Center was looking to help their customers choose components and make it easier to put together a component list at home and pick up parts in person. The goal for the custom PC configurator is for it to be easy to use, mobile-friendly, and enable the customer to put together a component list based on the parts available at their local Micro Center store. The configurator would be "smart" to only allow compatible parts to be added to a build. So depending on the user's taste/preference, they can start their computer build based on any specific component, like a CPU or graphics card or whatever component they thought was most important. Customers would complete a build on the configurator and pick up their parts 15 minutes after "reserving" them. Another goal was to drive sales to their PC build service, which, for a nominal fee, Micro Center could assemble the components, make sure the computer works, and have it be ready for pickup the same day of reserving the parts through the configurator.

Solution Working with the CEO, Marketing Manager, and SEO manager, I gather requirements. Although I didn't have access to customers, I interviewed several store employees that helped customers navigate the parts isles and decide on a proper build that fit their specific needs. To further research and understand, I conducted an extensive competitive analysis to see what other computer companies were doing with their configures and their customer's journey. Using that data, I created initial wireframes and present paper mockups to various employees to get feedback. Using this feedback, I iterated several times on my designs and created mockups that went through multiple levels of approval. With my final mockups finished, I created prototypes with Adobe XD and I worked with the development team while they implemented the designs. Once the functionality was done and rough front-end development was done, I tweaked the CSS to closely resemble the mockups.  I also created marketing assets for it, including a marketing page, build service pages, and various promotions. The custom PC configurator was also marketed as a white label solution, so I worked with different part manufacturers, like Intel, AMD, NZXT, Elgato, etc., to create branded versions of the configurator that they could point customers to.


  • Visual Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Front-end Development

Single Page Configurator

Single Page Configurator

Various Modals - Earlier version of Configurator

Current Component Specs Current Component Specs
Select ComponentSelect Component
Select Component SpecsAdd Component Specs
Remove ComponentRemove Component

Branded Configurator

Intel BrandedIntel Branded Config
AMD BrandedAMD Branded Config
ASUS BrandedASUS Branded Config
Elgato Branded Elgato Branded Config

Photo retouching

Touched Up

Custom PC Build Services page - Desktop and Mobile

DesktopASUS Desktop
Mobile ASUS Mobile