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Manta is a business directory site that enables any small business to establish a web presence to expand its customer base.

Worked in a collaborative environment to generate new product ideation and visual design/development, focusing on continual improvement of user experience. Notable projects included the development of an object-oriented CSS library in partnership with Nicole Sullivan.


  • Visual Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Front-end Development


Profile analytics helps illustrate a company profile's performance.

Claim Process

Redesigned claim process.

Registration Flow

Wireframe for registration and how emails tie into the process.

Badge Wireframe

A quick wireframe to understand and convey the flow of the recommendation badge.

Badge User Flow

User-flow illustrating the user's flow through the Recommendation badge.

Glowing Wallpaper
Lowlight Glowing Wallpaper
Metal Flake Wallpaper

Wallpapers created in Blender 3D and also Photoshop.

Halloween Wallpaper
Holiday Lights Wallpaper

Holiday themed wallpapers created in Photoshop.